Expert Renovation


As renovation of existing homes forms a large component of our work we pride ourselves on our abilities to provide a successful integration of the existing and new structure to form a complete environmentally harmonious and sensitive whole. In most cases we strive for a result where it is not immediately apparent or distinguishable where the former structure is located when observing the new completed project. This type of renovation and extension approach which is our hallmark is becoming increasingly more popular in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and beyond where existing homes just do not provide the level of accommodation for families or vehicles and where the planning is inconsistent with the modern family lifestyle. The cost of existing homes and land in a well located neighbourhood close to all amenities and services in Sydney,s east is now very high which further encourages the idea of modernizing and extending existing housing stock.

Sol Wilk has specialized in this type of renovation and extension work from small scale to very extensive makeovers and has many satisfied customers due to the personalized experience he brings which translates into an excellent finished product in line with the original brief and customer instructions. We have also recently noticed a distinct trend with our new and existing customer base toward installation of passenger lifts into existing two storey homes. Due to the increasing older population who want to remain in their homes the need has arisen to plan for the future needs of the occupiers. Many of the older population are keen to stay in their present accommodation as in many cases they have lived in their current homes for many years and also raised their families in the same home.

We can successfully integrate a passenger lift if required either within the existing home plan or by means of thoughtful planning extend the footprint of the building to accommodate the lift. We also offer suggestions on the type, size and finishes available from differing lift companies and their designs and we can also coordinate the required approvals for the installation of the lift.